Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Photos Bokeh Style

I saw this super cool tutorial here and REALLY wanted to try to get some cool Christmas bokeh pictures of my kids and home. Basically, the lights get super blurry and make a beautiful background.   These are not photoshop alterations at all.  All it took was my camera, 50mm lens, and one piece of black card stock.  I made a homemade filter in a matter of a few minutes and then got to the fun part- taking pictures!!  Not only was it super easy, it has been so fun to play around with!!!  I love learning new techniques!  And this one makes my Christmas decorations look even lovelier than in real life. ;)

   This was just playing around with some of my  
                                            Christmas decorations.
 And on to my babies:

My little stud muffin:

 This is sooo Chase:

Ok... so how could we not be in love with this face?  You wanna smooch her too, dontcha? :)

 Note to self:  You take what you get, and don't throw a fit.  :)

I loved how this one turned out.  These were my beautiful Christmas gifts from Wade.  A pink opal ring, and this vintage looking perfume bottle that I fell in love with in Lake Tahoe and he snuck back and bought when I wasn't looking.  He is too good to me sometimes. :)

Before you take down the tree, I highly suggest you give this technique a try.  You won't regret it!