Sunday, September 25, 2011

Refinished Kitchen Table and Chairs

Finally, my blog has a completed home project! 
(and lots to come)
I wasn't planning to refinish my table, because I was convinced I wanted a new one.  The chairs (see top pic) were so old, broken, and so very 70's.  Yes. And UGLY! 
But then I found a whole set of darling chairs, and I got so excited to refinish my table.  :)  They all just needed some paint and new upholstery.  But way cheaper than a new table.

Yes, this was the awful before photo.  How do you like the orange and gold tacked upholstery.
First, I gave it all two coats of white primer.

Then I gave it a coat of off-white satin paint.  Then I antiqued and sanded it around all the edges.

I recovered the chairs with some new fabric (which I love!).

When I got these chairs, they definitely had some dirty cushions, but that just made the make-over even more rewarding! ;)

 I love being able to choose a fabric that will accent the new colors in my dining room.  These cushions got a couple of coats of scotch guard.  I sprayed them outside, because it is not good to breathe it while being sprayed. Especially for my little ones!
I put a layer of glaze mixed with walnut stain all over the table and chairs, and wiped it down with cloths.  I liked it somewhat light but that it made the distressing and cracks stand out. 

 I think I never really appreciated the pedestal on my table, but with it painted and antiqued, I love its design.  This may be my favorite feature. :)

I'm still working on decor for the whole room since it used to be painted red, and now its tan and goldish-yellow.  I'm thinking of a pretty fall table-runner next, but I'm still so happy with the results so far. 

The entire project took less than $50.  Not bad, eh?
Next I'm making some shutters and new curtains. 
One project down...only about a nine hundred to go!


Karin said...

So cute! I love the material you chose for the chairs. You did an awesome job!!

Lori said...

I love this new blog! I made pillows for my sofa out of that same fabric! You did an awesome job! I Can't wait to see what you do next.

Dallan and Chalese said...

I love it! I wanna do that to my table now!

Wrightfamily said...

did you apply any sort of protector to your table to protect the paint?