Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Ideas

I am alive. :)
I have several posts to get up, but life has been so busy the last few weeks!  I've hardly had a moment to sit, let alone blog.  :(
 Here are a few things I love for Halloween right now:
Scrappy Daisy's Halloween Card. So cute, right?
I want a whole layout with this design!

And there are also these darling crepe paper mason jars by ScrappyDaisy! Easy, fast, and perfect candles for Halloween!
Her kids did them by themselves.

I pinned these on pinterest.  Love these chicken wire ghost dresses. So cute!
                                                Balloon and tulle ghosts.  
                            Guess I am into ghosts this year!

Darling pumpkin carriage! I love that the orange inside is lit up and stands out from the grey paint!

And finally, these cookies are giving me so many ideas!  Stamped with rubber stamps.  I've got a great glaze for sugar cookies that gently hardens and would be perfect for this idea. I will have to get that up soon!  But I think these cookies would be great any season- and a great use for seasonal stamps!
Love it!