Thursday, January 26, 2012

Embossed Music Note Wreath

I wanted something really special to complement the wall I was working on in my living room.  I knew I wanted something neutral but pretty.  Since I love music so much, I made a paper wreath from an old book of sheet music that was falling apart.  I didn't want it discarded. I wanted it on my wall. :)
Here's a step by step tutorial of my beloved wreath:

 Here's the final product:

I hung it on my grandparents (Mississippi) window inside my (Utah) 
house and I love it!  :)

Thanks for looking! :)

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Karin said...

so cute! love it!

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

Gorgeous, Melissa!! I love how it looks on the old window (how sweet that it was your grandparents' window!) So lovely!!

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

WOW! Love that you embossed and glittered it. very pretty. :)

Trisha @ said...

Stopping by from TT&J. Great wreath! I love the texture. :)