Why a mockingbird?
A mockingbird is able to mimick other bird calls with ease and astonishment.  I don't think the mockingbird as a "copycat", but lovingly intrigued and inpired by those around them.  The mockingbird sings, but not always to the same tune.  It has varied interests. I'd like to think of the mockingbird as inquisitive and well-rounded. :)
As for me, I too feel inspired by so many others.  I love learning new things. I don't like feeling stuck in a rut. I like to keep life interesting and flowing with passion. I love being with my kids all day. I feel grateful that I spend my days with them.  There is no place I'd rather be. :) I do notice, however, that I feel happiest when I also have a little time to tap into my creativity and produce something beautiful and memorable.  For my family and myself.

When we bought our house a few years ago, we did repaint and made some small improvements.  But, the majority of the projects I've envisioned have been shelved.  Lately, I've felt so inspired by other creative ladies and decided I want to fulfill my domestic potential as well.  It starts now.  This blog I believe will inspire me to keep working on this dream, one little project at a time.
So, I  am kind of like a mockingbird- observing something beautiful and finding a way to recreate it.  This blog is also my way of showing appreciation to those who will inspire me on this journey. 
My plan is to have fun getting inspired and sharing ideas with others along the way. 
 I will also post all other photography, crafts, music, and family ideas that are fun and fill the corners of my life.  Because its not about having an extravagant house, but a happy home and family;
inquisitive and well-rounded...